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Flower power comes to Margaret Brearley School

Margaret Brearley School has a reputation for its horticulture, featuring as it does,  two gardens and an area filled with planters.  Some of the planters, however weren't quite looking their best any more. Some were, dare we say it, a bit... past their best. 

This spring the school leapt into action and devised a competition where each class would 'adopt a pot' and bring it back to life with a combination of planting, and decoration. 

The results are stunning and the unenviable job of deciding which pot is best went Laura Pease, Whitefield Principal, who spent time in serious deliberation with a serious looking clipboard, talking over merits of the various pots – their decoration, their planting, the extent to which they were multi-sensory in terms of texture and scent.

We don't yet know the results. They are a closely guarded secret. We'll let you know more as soon as the news breaks.

Judging is serious business
Judging is a serious business
Everyone has an opinion
Everyone has an opinion....


... the responsibility hangs heavy
The responsibility hangs heavy

 Before and after

How some of the pots were transformed