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Family Support Services

The Family Support Team (FST) provides a service for parents and carers. It reflects the “Parents as Partners” philosophy, which has been part of Whitefield Schools' practice for many years.

What we do

Our role is to involve parents and carers more actively in the education of, and decision making for, their children both in school and outside of school.  As well as wanting to foster the interest of parents/carers, we are aware that parents/carers have an intimate knowledge of their children at home across a wide range of activities and experiences.  Recognising this knowledge and commitment, we aim to support the development of a partnership with all the professionals involved with each child at school and beyond.

We also run regular Parent Group sessions.

Who we are

Gill & Leslie of Family Support
Let to right: Lesley, Angeline and Steph – also known as the  Family Support team

There are three of us in the Family Support team - Lesley Middleton, Stephanie Earle and Angeline Evans. We are teachers with special educational needs experience and between us we also have management, consultancy and counselling qualifications as well, ensuring we are well qualified to help parents and carers to become more involved in the education of each young person.  We support parents in a number of ways, including helping to fill in forms, writing letters and accompanying them on visits and of course by being a listening ear. We also run a monthly Parents Group where we have discussions and workshops about a number of topics including preparing for change and dealing with behaviours. It is also an opportunity for parents to talk amongst themselves and share advice and experiences.

We  are always happy to meet parents either at home or at school to talk through specific issues.

Where to find us

We are located next to the Main Reception Area and our facilities include a family room with comfortable chairs; an area for making refreshments; and toys and activities for visiting siblings.  Additionally our main office houses an extensive Information Resource covering all special needs issues and local authority information.

For more information, contact:

Stephanie Earle of the Family Support team on 020 8498 4230 or e-mail her at: