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Virtual Arts Festival

Welcome to our virtual arts festival celebrating the end of term, the arts in our lives, and your commitment in these challenging times.   Our topic is The Body and has been extended to include Life at Home, which will come into each of the projects on some level.  

Some of our arts projects will run to the end of July and we When we return to school in September there will be an online  presentation and a display in school. 

Music Composition

Chakras – Musical Body

Theatre Day

Music Day 


13th July

Song writing
with Kathryn and Peter 

14th July
Chanting the Chakras 

Story Telling
with Phil McDermott 

15th July
10am, 11.30pm, 13.30pm 
Virtual Seaside Film
with Helen Maurer 

16th July
Music Appreciation

Story Telling
with Phil McDermott 

17th July
Story Telling
with Phil McDermott 

20th July

Song writing
with Kathryn and Peter 

21th July
Chanting the Chakras

22nd July
Video Diaries
– Life at home 

23rd July
Music Appreciation

24th July
Story Telling

Please see the calendar of events which we would you to sign up to.  The sign-up sheet is HERE.  In general, they are at 10am each day for an hour with preparation work and homework in between sessions.  Other projects will have extra times slots which will be confirmed when you sign up. We know you have lots of commitments at this time so we will try and meet everyone’s needs where possible.  

When you indicate which arts projects you would like to be involved with, we shall circulate a planning sheet with instructions and details to help you prepare at home.  The information link will be sent to you by email along with a zoom link for each separate activity. 

If you are interested in accessing the arts worksheets and videos, or taking part in our live online workshops please email

Book your space

Which sessions would you like to attend?*

About the sessions

Song writing

If you are interested in Song-Writing come and join us to learned how to use free music technology, we will compose songs about life at home.  Planning sheets on how to operate the technology and structure the songs will be circulated this week.  Pupils and their families can join us together to compose our unique songs.  We hope once the workshop is over you will use the software at home in your families over the summer.  


A vocal workshop where pupils can chant the tones of the chakra centres,  promoting healing and reduce stress.  Chanting helps us connect to the body using our voices in a safe space.  All pupils can attend as not everyone is required to sing.  An experiential music workshops embodying healing.

To do this at home, here are some youtube links:  

  • The first explains the chakra system for children
  •  The second is a guided meditation for children to help them sleep.  Find a quiet space at home, make yourself comfortable and listen to the guided mediation and encourage peace and calm.  

Virtual seaside

Helen Maurer is back!  She will lead a short theatre piece with a trip to the seaside.  It’s for everyone to watch in your own time and use the arts planning sheet to make your trip at home or school even more exciting!  Helen made us a special video you can watch here before the session filled with arts ideas for being by the sea.  Please watch the video and engage with it as much as possible at home and at school.

Video diaries

Meet us on Wednesday at 14.30pm to explore how we can make video diaries over the summer. Those willing will have them uploaded to the school website.  Give us a glimpse of what you’ve been doing during lock-down.  

  • We'll e-mail you a  planning sheet with ideas on what you might do. 

Music appreciation

A chance to hear from musicians and artists on their favourite pieces of music, life in lockdown and being and artist.  Open to pupils who like music and want to discover more about music and the arts, and being an artist.

Story Telling 

Wants to learn to tell stories and engage with drama?    Phil Mc Dermott is facilitating a workshop on monologues in this  three day course.  You will need to attend all 3 sessions thatl start at 13.30pm and include a break where you will asked to practice and rest, before returning for the final 30 minutes.  An Adult in the room to help pupil access the story and do the work in between.

Have you been landing on a planet or locked in a police cell or falling from a building or discovering the miracle drug, or the first to grow 6 eyes or etc, etc, etc?

We need to know what it was like for you and the best way to find out is for you to speak your Monologue. Join us for 3 sessions of making up monologues, creating characters and situations and playing with them with stories and other strange happenings.

  • We will send you a series of resource to help, when you book!

Sending your work to Peter...

To send your songs, stories and artwork to Peter click here and upload them.