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Pupil, Sports & Catch Up Premiums

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium  funding was introduced into schools in April 2011 and allocated to work with pupils who have been registered for free school meals at any point in the last six years. This money is in addition to the main school funding. The School also receives funding for children who have been looked after and children of service personnel.

Accountability is with the Principal and Senior Leaders who decide how to use the Premium. They report their decisions to the Governors and publish how the money has been used and the impact.

Read the full Pupil Premium strategy 2012 – 2019 and how Pupil Premium is being spent in 2017 – 2018.

Sports Premium

Following on from Pupil Premium, the government introduced ‘Sports Premium’ in September 2013 to fund improvements to the provision of PE and sport for primary-aged pupils to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles. 

Whitefield Schools ensures that all children and young people have access to an outstanding physical education curriculum. The school employs a specialist PE teacher and sports coach and will ‘buy in’ additional specialists for short courses or for special events – for example, a dance group to work with pupils as part of ‘Get moving’ curriculum week. There is a range of facilities on site including a therapy pool and an adventure playground and those children and young people who are able to are encouraged to use offsite facilities.

Sports Premium is used to support after school clubs and holiday club so that pupils have the opportunity to take part in physical activities outside the school day and experience healthy use of leisure time. During 2017/18 children were able enjoy physical activities during the Easter and summer Holiday Clubs. After School clubs also provide opportunities for games, team activities and the use of the school playgrounds, adventure playground and soft play area. These activities are also supported by Pupil Premium to ensure that disadvantaged children and young people are able to access a healthy lifestyle.

In 2018/19, Whitefield has been allocated £17,400 which will again be used to support extra curricular activities at after school and holiday clubs so that children and young people have access to sport and games above and beyond the excellent opportunities already provided within the curriculum.


Year 7 Catch Up

The government has allocated £500 for each pupil not achieving at least Level 4 in reading and mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2, to be spent for the ‘educational benefit’ of pupils registered at the school.  Whitefield School's Year 7 catch up grant for 2018/19 is £15,000

The catch up premium has been used to provide a range of learning resources. Some resources are designed to support key skills as these young people will need to revisit basic concepts in a range of different contexts.  This includes some ICT devices which are shown to be highly motivating for the group. Other resources are aimed at the young people still working at relatively early developmental levels who need to take part in sensory activities. 

In the coming year Year 7 Catch Up will be used to provide additional hours of staffing for young people in Niels Chapman Secondary School to help them access key lessons and work as part of a group. In Margaret Brearley School the grant will be used for learning resources including Sensory equipment to support communication and interaction and ICT equipment to develop individual skills.

This funding is delegated to the Heads of School for Margaret Brearley School and Niels Chapman Secondary School.