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Congratulations to all our ASDAN achievers

It’s been another great year at Whitefield with Secondary-age students across the school making marvellous progress on their various ASDAN certification programmes. Congratulations to all the students who have worked so hard and thank you to the families and Whitefield staff who have helped them on their way.

ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) is an education charity and awarding body that provides curriculum programmes and qualifications to equip learners for 21st Century education, work and life.

Every secondary student at Whitefield follows one or more ASDAN ‘Pathways’. Each pathway has its own way of handling certification; so some – like the ‘New Horizons’ pathway – present certificates at the end of the whole course, while others including ‘Transition Challenge’ and ‘Towards Independence’ are based on modules, and students can gain a certificate as each module is completed. 

‘Personal Progress’ is a credit-based program that allows students to work towards either a certificate or diploma according to the credits that they build through different focus areas.

New Horizons

22 students in total received New Horizons certificates this year; 8 from Margaret Brearley School and 14 from Niels Chapman Secondary School. 

New Horizons is an activity-based curriculum  for students aged 11-14 that covers personal, social, health and economic topics as well as Citizenship and Careers Education. It also offers an opportunity to develop communication and numeracy skills in practical settings.

Transition Challenge

10 students in Margaret Brearley School received certificates for Transition Challenge.
Transition challenge is a curriculum designed for students aged 14-16 with severe and/or profound learning difficulties and is used at Whitefield within Margaret Brearley School. There are two levels available: 

•    Sensory: designed for learners with profound multiple learning difficulties and rewards very small steps of learning and achievement. 
•    Introduction and Progression:  covers the statutory programmes of study for the Key Stage 4 National Curriculum, along with activities to develop the skills required for adult living. 

Towards Independence

45 students received certificates for Towards Independence; 6 from Margaret Brearley School and 39 from Niels Chapman Secondary School.
Towards Independence is designed for students aged 14+ and Post-16 students with severe, moderate and profound multiple learning difficulties. It provides activities to develop personal, social and independence skills and offers formal recognition for small steps of achievement towards a larger goal. 
Personal Progress
8 Pupils in Niels Chapman Secondary School received certificates for Personal Progress. 
The Personal Progress pathway is made  up of units in the following areas: Literacy, Numeracy and IT; Independent Living Skills; Personal Development; Community Participation and Preparation for Work