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Whitefield wins healthy living award

 Whitefield Schools and Centre has been awarded the Bronze Healthy Schools London Award as part of a London-wide scheme operated by the Mayor of London's Office.  The award recognises schools that actively promote healthy living throughout their community. Whitefield's dedication to supporting the physical, social, moral and emotional needs of all students, staff and families was praised highly by Mary Neilson of Waltham Forest council who spearheads the campaign in the Borough. Mary was particularly impressed by the outstanding range of resources and initiatives Whitefield offers, most notably, our Befriending scheme and the range of holistic and alternative provisions offered to students. 

The school will be building on the award and is already in the process of devising two exciting new projects which will form the basis of its push to win the Silver Award. And then it's on to Gold. 

Thanks are due to the PSHE Working Party, chaired by Faye Watton-Lawrence, for their hard work in putting the evidence together.