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Thank you for our newly accessible allotment

The Whitefield Schools allotment has already proved its worth in terms of both fun and education, now more of our students will be able to benefit from using it, thanks to donations of time, material and equipment from three businesses.

Neal Allison -  Osborne Property Service's Community Investment Manager persuaded his company, plus Astons Group and hire-company Speedy Services  to donate the machinery, the materials and the man-power to get it done over the summer. If we were to pay for it, our little path would have cost us £4,200!

Our thanks to all three companies and also the Osborne team who spent two days of their time on the constuction. Also to Walthamstow & Chingford Almshouse Charity who own the allotments and let us undertake the work. 

The allotments are built on quite a steep slope and the last part of the access involved a rough track that cut across the slope, making access difficult. 

The new path makes it possible for wheelchair users to reach the allotment -  and makes it easier for everyone else. Our thanks to everyone who helped - including the kind plot-holder who picked some tomatoes for the team to eat with their lunch.

The path as it was
The path as it was
Dawn Groom get to try out the digger
Dawn Groom, Whitefield teacher and allotment supremo gets to try out the digger

Levelling the path

Making it level