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Dr Phyllis Jones to present seminar series at Whitefield

Whitefield Research and Development Centre is delighted to welcome author and lecturer Dr Phyllis Jones, associate professor in the program of Special Education at the University of South Florida for a series of seminars covering a wide range of special educational needs topics. 

Dr Jones will be here for two days, during which she will present four seminars as part of Whitefields series of short courses and talks - part of it's continuous professional development programme.

  • 10th May – Enriching Literacy: Stupendous stories for students with ASD (10 – 12noon)

There is a growing research base relating to understandings of autism on literacy learning (Kluth & Chandler - Olcott, 2007; Koppenhaver, Torgeson, Lane & Turner, 2012). Research also establishes positive links between multi sensory teaching and the teaching of literacy to students with diverse learning needs  (Weinberger & Stafford, 2004). This workshop presents an overview of the research base before exploring the contribution of multi sensory story telling to student literacy learning. Workshop participants will learn about how to make, share and evaluate multi sensory literacy activities in the classroom. It is a practical workshop that demonstrates a range of activities and strategies so please be prepared to come along and join in! 

  • 10th May – Meaningful Participation: Planning Instruction for Students with PMLD (2 – 4pm)

This workshop is designed to help you better meet the learning needs of students with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD). You will find that the information and strategies presented in this session can be applied to a variety of educational settings.  Meaningful participation is a concept that many people use in regard to students with profound and multiple learning disabilities, but very few spell out what it really means in terms of an individual child’s educational program. In this workshop, we’ll begin to operationalize aspects of “meaningful participation” in a way you can understand, to help give you a vision of what meaningful participation looks like in terms of planning for instruction and a process for attaining it. 

  • 11th May – Evidence Based Practices for learners with significant disabilities: The news from the USA (10 – 12 noon)  

This workshop will present the work emerging from a federally funded project in the States on the meta analysis of the evidence base of effective teaching and learning for learners with significant disabilities. The findings of this project will be explored in relation to current practices in classrooms and how these teaching and learning strategies can inform pedagogical decision making.

  • 11th May – Mental Health Issues: Creating a responsive classroom for Learners with autism (4 – 6pm)

We know that between 67-70% of children with ASD have additional mental health issues (Siminoff, Pickles & Chandler, 2008). High self esteem and a positive self-image is an essential part of mental health and has an important impact on student learning (Aluja & Blanch, 2004). This workshop presents an overview of mental health issues for students with ASD labels before exploring how educators can promote the positive mental health of students with ASD in the school setting. Explicit connections are made to student progress. It is a practical workshop that demonstrates a range of activities and strategies so please be prepared to come along and join in!

To book

Each session costs  £45 per delegate (£40 if attending more than one session)


Louise Langsworthy,
Teaching School Administrator
Tel: 020 8531 3426

About Dr Jones

Dr Phyllis Jones

Dr. Phyllis Jones is an associate professor in the program of Special Education at the University of South Florida. Phyllis taught and was a deputy head in schools in the UK for fifteen years before she entered teacher education.  She leads and teaches on the masters ASD and/or Severe Intellectual Disabilities program and Curriculum and Instruction doctoral program in the department. She is author of Inclusion in the Early Years: Stories of good practice, co author of Collaborate Smart and lead editor of “A Pig Don't Get Fatter the More You Weigh It": Balancing assessment for the classroom, Leading for Inclusion, Creating Meaningful Inquiry in the Inclusive Classroom, Pushing the Boundaries: Developing Inclusive Practices through Integration of Insider Perspectives and The Foundations of Inclusive Education Research. Phyllis is currently working on a book related to a standards based curricula for learner with significant disabilities.

She is an international collaborator with The University of Exeter researching teacher decision making for teachers of pupils with severe intellectual difficulties. Phyllis is published widely in international journals related to inclusive practices across all schools, teacher education for teachers of students with severe intellectual disabilities and/or ASD. She is an international keynote presenter. She is co - editor of International Journal of Whole Schooling, sits of the editorial board of Disability & Society and is a regular reviewer for British Journal of Special Education, Journal of Child and Family Studies, International Journal of Inclusive Education, Journal of Teacher Education and International Review of Education.