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We have a new Web site. Tell us what you think.

Both Whitefield Schools and Joseph Clarke Schools Web sites were getting a bit long in the tooth. They didn't work very well on phones, they were difficult to update and with the advent of Whitefield Academy Trust, it was becoming a little hard to always find what you were looking for.

The launch of the new Web site aims to solve some of these problems. The Schools have their own sections (as does the Teaching School and Outreach), each school has its own calendar, which you should be able to suubscribe to from your smart phone and  Twitter feed that will help keep you up to date. We've even added a picture of a kitten.

Not finished yet

However we know that some of the information that you relied on on the old site may have disappeared or moved. We'll be working over the coming weeks to update information and get it back on the site. However if there is something in particular that you need now e-mail and we'll do our best.


We aim to make the site work really really well with screen readers. If you spot a problem - again, let us know.

In general if there is something you think could be improved, we want to hear from you. And if you like  the site — well, you could tell us that too.