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A trip that's about much more than just cricket

10 pupils and four staff were guests of Arundel Cricket Club for two nights at the beginning of May. The annual trip, funded by the Arundel Cricket Foundation gives students the opportunity to learn cricket skills, but just as importantly gives them a taste of independence and it was their first trip away from home for four of our students this year.

For vision impaired students, this can be a massive step – the need to navigate an unfamiliar environment, sort out clothes; work out whether the tube in the wash-bag is sunscreen or toothpaste – can all prove challenging.  For four of our students, this was the first time that they had stayed away from home.

As always, the trip was a great success with every student saying they enjoyed, everything from the cricket, to the the trip to the beach and the local park, eating out at the beach-front café – the whole experience. Henrick particularly singled out the smell of the pitches’ freshly mown grass as a highlight. It was, he said, exciting to go away for the first time. Jude highlighted the pleasure of meeting new people and going to the beach. Hussain says he was ‘a bit nervous’ at first and missed his parents, but describes going on the trip as “a privilege”. Jasmin describes the cricket as “amazing” and wants to go again. 

As for Josh – well for him, it was really the big full English fry-up breakfast that sticks in the memory. 

Our thanks to the Foundation for pay for and arranging the accommodation at The Lodge Hill Centre, for their coaches, tuition and paying for admission to the Castle and grounds and generally for being such wonderful hosts and to the staff and families who supported the students on their big adventure. Thanks too, to the Joseph Clarke School Trust for a donation paying for extras,  including a meal in the café on arrival at Arundel.