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Congratulations to our A-level, GCSE, BTEC, ASDAN & Entry Level achievers!

It's been another summer of achievement at Joseph Clarke School with a great set of results. Our congratulations to everyone for their hard work and results, we are very proud of them all.

Two students sat and passed A levels this year, both have severe sight impairment and one is also deaf. Both have overcome considerable barriers to achieve these results. Headteacher Isobel Cox said: “I am overjoyed with the achievements of these two young people. They stand out as role models to others in the school – not only because of their academic achievements but also for their contribution to our school community over the years”.

We are very grateful to Highams Park school, who hosted the students A-level lessons and ensured that our pupils had a wide range of options. This valuable partnership between two schools really helps us provide the best opportunities for our students.

There were also excellent results in GCSEs this year, with three students sitting them and all achieving passes. This year was particularly challenging as the revamped qualification is assessed through final exam only. We had three students entered for the Maths GCSE Higher Tier paper, all of whom have severe vision impairment and are registered blind. The subject was taught at Joseph Clarke School and we are very proud of their achievements in a subject that is particularly challenging for our pupils, with its use of graphs and diagrams.

One of these pupils also gained GCSEs in English Language and Literature; and Double Science. He studied for these subjects at Highams Park School, supported by teaching assistants from Joseph Clarke School as needed. We are grateful for the support of the staff at Highams Park School, with whom we have a productive partnership.

Chadia Filali-Moutei, Deputy Head Teacher said" I was really emotional when reading the exams results this morning. I remember witnessing how much work the students put into their GCSEs this year. I am so pleased to say the hard work has paid off! I am really proud of their achievements and looking forward to the next challenges and celebrating more successes"

 A large group of our students studied for BTECs through our partnership with Waltham Forest College and where the teaching took place. They gained Awards and Certificates. The Awards are broadly Entry Level qualifications and the Certificates, Level 1 qualifications in the National Qualification Framework. Students who are staying on at Joseph Clarke School will be able to build on these qualifications at Level 2. These results also remain provisional, until we hear from the moderators in September.
This year we reintroduced French to the Entry Levels taught at Joseph Clarke School. The students’ coursework was really impressive. We are particularly pleased with the Entry Level Maths results this year. Students as young as 12 years old have been entered for the qualifications.

We have also added a new qualification called Functional Skills in English at Level 1. This is a natural progression from Entry Level to a GCSE level. This qualification is equivalent to half of a GCSE.

Congratulations to our ASDAN achievers too

In addition to all the qualifications, many Joseph Clarke students have also been working towards ASDAN awards. Our congratulations to them for their hard work and achievements

ASDAN Award in Towards Independence

  • 1 student achieved 2 Towards Independence modules
  • 1 student achieved 2 Towards Independence modules 
  • 7 students achieved 4 Towards Independence modules

ASDAN Award in Transition Challenge

  • 1 student achieved 4 Transition Challenge modules ‚Äč

Elaine Colquhoun OBE, CEO of Whitefield Academy Trust said: "Congratulations to the young people for such brilliant results. They have shown such determination and perseverance to achieve such a positive outcome. Congratulations also to the combined efforts of the staff of Joseph Clarke School and Highams Park school for their quality teaching and support for the students." Academy Trust Chair, Caroline Sheppard OBE joined her in the congratulations: "These are significant achievements, not just by the talented and hard-working candidates, but by their teachers at Joseph Clarke School and Higham’s Park – a truly fruitful and positive partnership!"

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