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School Direct with Whitefield

The School Direct Training Programme focuses on developing the teaching profession, through a school-centred approach. Placements in the classroom are a key component of the course. Whitefield works with the University of East London and other members of our teaching school alliance to provide training and placements.

Students interested in training to teach primary-age children with special educational needs will receive placements at Whitefield Schools, or one of our alliance school partners. Secondary school placements are subject-based and in mainstream settings.

Available spaces

You are now able to view the vacancies, but cannot apply until October 13th for 2021/22 entry.
Subjects available are:
Secondary - Biology, Chemistry, Computing, English, Geography, Maths, Physics
Primary - Salaried route and Unsalaried training programme

Salaried v unsalaried

We offer a range of salaried and unsalaried training opportunities.

  • The unsalaried School Direct Training Programme is for high-quality graduates who want to feel part of a school team whilst training. You’ll pay fees but may be eligible for a bursary.
  • The ‘salaried route’ is an employment-based path for high-quality experienced graduates with some work experience. You will earn a salary while you train. 
  • Secondary places are ALL salaried unless otherwise indicated

What you need to apply

In order to apply for a place on School Direct, you must have:

  • A UK undergraduate degree or a recognised equivalent qualification.
  • A standard equivalent to a grade C in the GCSE examinations in English and Mathematics.
  • A standard equivalent to a grade C in the GCSE examination in a science subject (if you intend to train to teach pupils aged 3–11, or GCSE grade C or above in a science subject to teach at primary level or key stage 2/3).

If you don't currently have the necessary GCSEs,  you can take an equivalency exam. The University of East London, with whom we work only accepts equivalency exams from the company A Star Teachers

The School Direct Training Programme focuses on developing teaching skills. Secondary placements are for a defined subject area and you should have a strong understanding of this subject before you start training. If your degree subject is not closely related to your chosen teaching subject, it is recommended that you undertake a subject knowledge enhancement course before you begin training.

Eligibility for salaried places

In addition to the criteria above, salaried places on the School Direct Training Programme require that you have previous work experience.

Finding funding for unsalaried places

You may be eligible for a scholarship of up to £30,000 or a bursary - find out more here.

Coming for an interview

If your application is successful, we will invite you in for an interview. You will be expected to prove your level of knowledge, as well as participating in a group presentation, and then an interview.

If your interview is successful, you will then be interviewed by the headteacher of your preferred school, to ensure you are suited to your choice of school.

Further information:
For further details about applying for places or eligibility please contact:

Louise Langsworthy
Whitefield Teaching Schools Alliance
Macdonald Road, Walthamstow
London, E17 4AZ
 020 8531 3426